MZR Update 1.1 Released

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MZR Update 1.1.0 was just released on the AppStore.

Link to the AppStore

So what’s new in this update:

Super Power-Ups

There is a new “super power-up” mode in the bonus stage allowing the player to get a higher highscore. That mode was in development before main game release but got put on hold so that I can get the game out on time. It introduces another type of maze solving – a classic iteration on the multiple overlapping mazes where you need to choose one entrance that would lead you to to the destination you desire. As with the bonus stage there is no failure here – the player can only gain. They have to quickly asses what powerups are on offer and choose the right entrance.

Retina Graphics

This is a result of some of the work related to the Android version of the game. MZR now supports retina resolutions giving the game a nice crisp look if the device can handle it.

Country Scores

The main screen/leadergrid gets a facelift. Countries now have full names (as opposed to alpha-2 country code) and are better spaced on the field. As a result not-all countries are visualised but it looks a lot more presentable.

Finally, congrats to Australia. At the time of release of the update Australia was in the lead with the score of 812 – amazing achievement.

Other Fixes

There have been many fixes and improvements in this update such as: tilt control centring, graphics options, spelling mistake fixes and many more.

What’s next?

There’s an Android version of the game which is very close to release. So watch that space.

That’s it for now,

See you later!


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