Name this mazer game!

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Level up/Success screen.
Level up/Success screen

Currently codenamed Mazer, this project needs a proper name as I’m getting close to releasing it. I called it Mazer initially because it was a game about solving mazes. However, it has evolved quite a bit since that initial prototype. It has a lot more arcade-frantic feel now. Those of you who have been kind enough to play it and give me feedback would know what I’m talking about. I’m not sure the word “Maze” says everything there is about this game.

Yet, Mazer is stuck in my head and I’m not able to see past it now.

Here’s where you come in. Give me suggestions, vote for your favorite name, comment on the suggested options, help this game get it’s final name.

Thank you.

Edit: It seems “Mazer” is already taken on the AppStore. I’ll have to take that down. There is also a “Maze Tower (RPG)”.





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