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A new game is in development…

I find algorithms and maths phenomena an interesting source of game design ideas.

A few years back that’s how BlindGiRl started. I wanted to make a game about wave propagation (using scalar field and integration on the GPU) and Fourier transform. Long story short, after couple of prototypes that project was parked only to come back in new clothes – GLPeas’ XBOX Live Indie Game – BlindGiRl.

This time around the inspiration is maze and path-finding algorithms. In particular wavefront propagation and A*.

Normally, these algorithms are just working in the background to aid the ever more complex AIs in a game do it’s job. AI programmers are working hard to make these more efficient and more realistic looking. In many cases good path finding systems are works of art.

In this game, however, the path finding algorithms are taking centre stage.

Code named Mazer for now, this has been something I’ve been working on and off for the last few months although it’s started to take shape only recently. It’s quite playable and if only there was more spare time it would be finished soon – plenty of work left though. Here’s a “work in progress” screen…

Mazer Screen

Enjoy and watch this space!


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