The Proverbial Zombie Bus

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This is going to be a post about ideas…

Ever have this (game) idea that sounds great in your head? The more you think about it the better it is. Day after day you think it over and features are piling up. It’s building up to be amazing! There is only one thing wrong it it… it’s all in your head.

Let’s say that you have the means and skill to implement it (prototype it at least). But there is always something more important to do – games to play, people to see, food to eat. So you never do anything about it. And yet it’s there in the back of our mind telling you: “I’m great – your fantastic idea!”

And time passes by… you have other ideas. This one fades away or if you are a bit more organised and you wrote it down (which has it many other advantages which we’ll discuss later on). Occasionally you learn a new trick or game mechanic and think – this would work great with that old idea.

This is what I call a “zombie bus” idea. Idea that will never see the light of day.They are lost.

But there is a reason for this. And it is the same reason why you should almost never be afraid that someone is going to steal your original game idea. I didn’t believe enough in my idea to invest time any resource in it. Often that lack of belief is quite rational – we don’t believe that investing in this idea will generate the return we need compared to doing this other stuff.

It always amazes me the assumption of people that there is a lack of ideas. No. There isn’t. There is a lack of guarantee that this idea when implemented will generate return. That’s why we live in world of copy-cats – people just try to rip-off ideas that have proven to make return on investment. Noone cares about ripping-off my original idea! For all they know it’s originally crap. Some people (let’s call them friends) would recognize the potential in some of the ideas but still that’s a million miles away from commitment to do something with them.

So why “zombie bus”? It’s just an old idea I had. I don’t believe in it anymore. I just use it as a collective term for all those ideas I have.

And so I was piling the zombie buses on in the brain depot and one day I decided I’d do something about it.

This blog will hopefully follow the journey of bringing one such idea (or ideas) to life.


Spare Time Indie

PS: note that there is a game called “Zombie Bus” somewhere on the internet but that’s nothing to do with me… or my idea. Mine’s obviously miles better! 🙂


One thought on “The Proverbial Zombie Bus

    Mazer: Core Game « Spare Time Indie said:
    April 21, 2014 at 10:45 am

    […] At this point I had written zero lines of code for this game. It was all in my head and my paper notebook. It was still a Zombie Bus. […]

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